Mapa de Skyrim


The map of Skyrim in all its glory


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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the great games of 2011, and possibly one of the best RPGs in recent years. Its size is so huge that it is common to pass through the game without having visited more than one third of all the places that the game offers. For that reason, this map will be perfect.

The image is in PDF format and ready to be printed, and it reveals all the locations of Skyrim, from large cities to towns, and even the most hidden tombs and caverns. All the points that you can discover are perfectly marked.

If instead of the huge PDF version you prefer a more 'modest' map, you can always resort to the PNG image that can be found on the website of GameBanshee, which will also allow you to see in great detail the sites of Skyrim.

Skyrim's map is a useful tool for adventurers who want to discover everything. With it in hand, not even one stone will be left uncovered.
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